Social Sustainability

The Quantum Resolution, Professional Commercial Consultancy Practice, London


Quantum Resolutions actively embraces Social Sustainability and has provided coaching and mentorship to young graduates and individuals of various backgrounds, providing structure, evaluation and clear goal-setting. We have also engaged with the celebrated Adhab Trust, a London-based charity that works with educators and employers to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain employment. 

Over the years, we have helped mentor and even co-mentored a number of individuals by assigning them an applicable mentor to their discipline to help take their vision to the next level. Our primary ethos is collaboration, partnership and teamwork so Quantum Resolution will always put the priority of the individual and project first, hence why we partner with a number of other affiliated companies to enhance the successful delivery of the scheme. 


We have also provided ten years of support to the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveying where we have actively assisted the South East Committee by arranging CPD events, which are also inclusive of non-members thus holding General Commercial Civil Engineering topics such as Sustainability on a Tunnelling Project and their well-known ‘Networking on the Thames’ Event.


Quantum Resolution prides itself on engaging with the local residents and businesses, as well as any other stakeholders in order to successfully deliver the project. We regularly liaise and communicate with local representatives and community groups to understand and address any concerns they may have concerning the scheme.

In order to do this, Quantum Resolution carries out the following:

  • Make contact with local community representatives and other interested groups within the area.
  • Distribute clear detailed information about the works.
  • Provide a point of contact 12 hours a day Monday to Friday, in order to provide any answers to questions and act promptly on any complaints from members of the public. 
  • Hold regular bi/weekly or monthly community form engagement (depending on the project scope).
  • Distribute Formal notices.
  • Distribute Information sheets about the works.
  •  Hold Special meetings about the project.
The Quantum Resolution, Professional Commercial Consultancy Practice, London


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