Take Offs

Take Offs is a detailed measurement of all materials required to complete a construction project. Typically, these items are taken off by a detailed analysis of drawings and specifications contained within the Contract Documents. Accurate quantity takeoffs is essential in the management of construction costs, whether it be reviewing a Contractors estimate for a variation they have priced or devising a Bill of Quantities that is to be issued as part of an invitation to Tender. Whether its unit count, linear length, surface area, cubic volume, or physical weight…Quantum Resolution are able to carry out both manual and digital takeoffs. 

The Quantum Resolution, Professional Commercial Consultancy Practice, London

Our services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Prepare and produce clear and systematic take-off reports which can accurately highlight the material to the relevant section on the drawing
  • Provide training to the Client on the system and resolve any queries they may have
  • Dispute and Claims Management


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