Process Management

Here at Quantum Resolution, we are all too familiar with the lack of standardised business process management that exists within organisations.  This often contributes to increased errors and duplication of work, thus wasting time and money and reducing business performance.  We have a vast of experience in being able to create a marketing strategy for a potential client, ensuring legal compliance is mirrored throughout your business as well as being able to correct and improve existing processes in order to improve your company’s probability of being successful in bid reviews, thus helping establish your company’s reputation as a lead player within your niche in the Construction Industry. 

Our Services include:

  • Develop and improve existing processes before (potentially) automating them
  • Establish processes and assign ownership
  • Standardizing processes across the enterprise so they can be more readily understood and managed, thus helping to reduce and mitigate errors and risks
  • Establish a systematic process whereby improvements can be extended, reviewed and recognised
  • Prepare, develop, and establish at business processes so that they are in harmony with your organization’s strategic goals


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