Contract Administration

Contract Administration is a fundamental element of a Construction project that is often overlooked and given inadequate attention until a project runs into serious problems. It is essential that once a supplier is in contract with their client, the contract is administered and managed meticulously from the outset of the project. By doing so, it sets the tone of the relationship and all parties are aware of the priorities, risks, and Contractual Obligations under the Contract. Contract Administration plays a crucial and critical role in a project being successful and if performed correctly can help minimize the risk of disputes escalating. 

Quantum Resolution can provide the following services: 

  • Analyzing the contract terms and conditions to highlight areas of risk; such as ambiguities, conflicts or deviations from the scope of work
  • Make recommendations on the mitigation of risk
  • Analyze contract documentation and produce Contractor and Project Team deliverables
  • Value Change items
  • Developing and managing a procedure to recognize and identify contract disputes as they develop
  • Manage the timely resolution of variation/changes in the original scope.
  • Ensure all contemporaneous records, including but not limited to, contractual correspondence, instructions, and communications are prepared and produced in accordance with the contract terms and issued within the prescribed time limitations


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