Claim Management

Claim Management is an inevitable process in a Construction Project that can determine the commercial outcome of the project. Therefore it is a process that needs efficient and effective management during the entire life cycle of a project. Most claims relate to the encountered conditions or events, which occur during the construction phase. But the seeds of claim and nutrients essential for development are contained in the contract documentation and the information supplied or not supplied in the pre-contract phase. The greatest opportunity to Prevent Claims comes to an end once tender documents are finalized and the contract is awarded. 

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And from that point onwards some form of conflict is inevitable. Some might even say that “Construction conflicts are endemic in the industry” arising from stakeholders having differing expectations associated with the project. Further, the tendency of contracts to generate disputes is enhanced, because of the externality of interpretation. It is a common scenario that the parties involved interpret the contractual terms differently in conjunction with documents prepared by the various parties. For these reasons, the majority view, is that the nature of the construction process makes conflict unavoidable in some form.

So how can we help?

Our experienced construction claims consultants provide advice as to how contracts can be set up and managed to avoid claims. We also offer support in advising how best to deal with claims when they do unavoidably occur. We can tailor individual solutions and offer experienced, professional advice on a wide range of issues including:

  • Claims avoidance
  • Best-practice review and drafting of contract terms and conditions
  • Claims management
  • Claims drafting
  • Claims defence
  • Dispute management and resolution
  • Commercial settlement strategies and negotiations
  • Forensic delay analysis
  • Quantum evaluation
  • Termination, disruption, an extension of time, additional payment and variations-based claims


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