Nicola Boriel of Quantum Resolution has previously provided Commercial Services to Gleeson Construction Services for a Water Treatment works carried out on behalf of Thames Water.  This contract was let on an IChemE Green Book and valued approximately £30 Million.  The Project involved the construction of a Water Treatment Works for Thames Water (Thames) with a Pain/Gain and liquidated damages mechanism built into the contract, to reflect the importance of the programme requirements imposed by the client. The project was built adjacent to the water reservoir. Process plants were installed and housed in several purpose-built buildings on site which included, but not limited to the Main process plant, lamella plant, ozone generator, low lift pumping station and high lift pumping station. The project was delivered one month ahead of programme and now delivers watering the North East London area.

The Quantum Resolution, Professional Commercial Consultancy Practice, London

The commercial services provided were as follows:

  • Assistance with Procurement meetings for Subcontractors.
  • Preparation of Tender enquiries and subsequent tender analysis
  • Evaluating appropriate subcontract tenderers in accordance with the scope and taking into account any framework agreements they have with their client.
  • Managing subcontractor accounts including the preparation of final accounts
  • Advising and preparation of contractual correspondence


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